Senior Spotlight: Addie Randel


Charlotte Reynolds, News Editor

Outside of being student body president, Addie Randel (20) spends her free time continuing to grow her leadership skills. After being adopted along with her younger sister, Abiah, at just 5 years old, Randel found her passion for club soccer. Randel has learned the power of improvement through practice and years of commitment. Club allows players to travel out of state and change coaches to experience different playing styles.

Greeley Tribune

Randel said “Club is meant to be competitive as you’re always pushing yourself. You may have won your league here in Colorado, but you’ll travel to Arizona and Texas and get stomped on.” By putting herself out there and challenging her skills, Randel has learned the true value of working for a final product. “We undergo various coaching styles, so we have tons of ways to think out the game, which ideally will result in success.” said Randel. Randel has committed to Colorado Mesa University to continue her soccer career.