My favorite things…

Eaton share holiday traditions

My favorite things...

Mackenzie Crouch, Opinion Editor


Ashlyn Meyer (22): “Silent Night” because it really calms the soul.





Chloe Shultz (23): “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” because the song is so different.





Grady Turrentine( 21): Fried Klaus. Its funny but  I don’t really like Christmas movies





Wyatt Hall (21) Eating and spending time with my family. Family means a lot.





Reata Moore (23): Hillbilly Christmas tree, like a tree built out of tires and lights.





Michael Howard (22): My favorite Christmas tradition is my family’s secret Santa. You are randomly given a name.





Jessica Guerra (21): Pin the tail on the Santa’s hat. It’s different and I thnik it’s unique from otherpeople.





Aiden Gomez(20): Going to a family member’s house to open presents and eating a giant dinner together.





Wyatt Cowell (20): Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer because it is a really good story.





Ben Faust (20): Frozen 2 because Olaf is a homie, and it was a really good story about princesses.