Frozen 2 rivals recent Disney sequels

New Movie better than the original

Frozen 2 rivals recent Disney sequels

Katie Gomez, staff reporter

Frozen 2, directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, rivals all other sequels in recent Disney history. The movie centers on Queen Elsa, who learns where her magical powers came from and how to use them.

She also learns about the past and what really happened to her parents. Embarking on the adventure into foreign lands, other favorites join Elsa- Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf.

The original movie, Frozen, played a key role in Frozen 2, with many lines from the characters relating back to the first movie. One of the best examples comes when Olaf acts out the original story. His fast-performed version tied the movie in nicely and enabled first-time Frozen fans to understand what was happening. The plot of the movie played out nicely and really added to the original story. Frozen 1, left many holes in the plot, and viewers had lots of questions at the end of the movie. The plot of Frozen 2 fills the empty holes the last movie left, making it feel complete.

The animations and CGI of Frozen 2 are amazing. They would make anyone wish they were in the beautiful, colorful, wintery world. The details in the elements; water, air, earth, and fire, were on-point in coloring and effects, making them appear real.

With a new Disney movie, also comes the movie soundtrack. The songs are very catchy and will have viewers singing along. The Frozen 2 soundtrack has 11 songs and features Panic! at the Disco, covering the lead song, Into the Unknown–the “Let it Go” catch-song, of Frozen 2. Frozen 2 really takes viewers into the unknown and creates a storyline like no other.