Battle of the Binge


Mackenzie Crouch, Opinion Editor

   As people of all ages, we just didn’t grow up with Disney, Disney grew up with us too. Disney has produced some of the world’s most memorable productions that are now easy to watch for $6.99 per month unless of course you’re a Verizon user then you get a year free. Although Disney has opened the door for new bingeing festivities, no one can forget Netflix, Hulu, and more companies.

   Netflix has always been the go-to for binge-watching your favorite movies and series, until the launch of Disney+. First founded in August of 1997 where it first began as strictly a website-based movie rental service, similar to Blockbuster. Netflix later soon then advanced to streaming video on demand which was revolutionary for all things streaming. Little did Netflix know people would take this idea of streaming video on demand and offer bigger, better, and binge-worthy content. Hulu, Amazon, Apple TV, and of course Disney+ have taken this idea and transformed it leaving Netflix to hang dry. 

   With the pick-off of almost all things Disney off Netflix, this has left Netflix to rely on Nickelodeon for movies and shows. Unfortunately, other major media companies followed this example by also removing their popular products off of Netflix. Disney has officially taken over after claiming ownership of Marvel, ABC, and many more corporations. Not only are we getting traditional movies and TV shows from Disney, but we also are getting all things Marvel, Star Wars, and Pixar which appeals to all audiences, except for the United Kingdom where Disney+ is not available.

   With the new app, our favorite tv shows and movies have become easy to access, and we can’t just let these slip bye. Majority of the world has opened their homes to streaming services, and it won’t be long before Disney+ storms in and takes charge.