National Honor Society rallies to save lives


Grace Smith, News Editor

EHS donates 28 units to help make a difference

One out of seven people that go into a hospital need a blood transfusion. This inspired NHS to put together on blood drive on Apr. 16. All 35 spots for donating blood were filled in only three days of signup and many more alternate positions to donate on that day.

Sidney Booth, NHS president and EHS senior, stressed the importance of donating blood by saying, “Students need to know that, not only is there a nationwide blood shortage, but they can help end it. I think being able to give something as small as a pint of blood can really help make an impact.”

Although there have been other blood-donation opportunities at the high school in the past, Booth said, “We wanted to get more students involved in donating this year, so we set up this blood drive instead of just having the Bonfils ‘Blood- Mobile’ come to the school.” This set up allows for more blood to be donated and transported safely.

A company called Vitalant set up its equipment in the wrestling room. This company has been an establishment for 75 years and just recently changed their name from Bon-
fils Blood Bank. The new name of Vitalant also brings about new opportunities for the company. Joey Jopski, a member of the Vitalant team, said, “As of September 2018, we are now part of a nation-wide network of blood banks. This allows us to provide blood all over the country as well as import blood when we have a deficit.” Jopski said, “Our company has to collect 3,000 units a week to provide adequate amounts of blood to local hospitals.” The benefits of donating blood have a wide range of reach. “Blood can go to anyone from a leukemia patient that needs monthly transfusions, to patients who’ve suffered traumas, to use in routine surgeries. So just a bit of blood can change a life in so many differ-
ent ways,” he said.

The blood drive was open to all high school students and teachers. George Prodomo (20) said, “The people who put it on were super nice and I liked knowing that I was helping people in need.” He was not the only student to appreciate the fact that donating blood will help someone in need. Becca Doughty (21) , said, “I donated blood because it was easy and a good way to actually save lives and help people.” Overall, the blood drive was successful and fulfilled its intended purpose by collecting 28 units of blood. Booth says, “We really want to continue putting this drive on in years
to come.”