REDx coming April 26


Jacqueline Alcala (19) and Rylie Book-Cass (19) work on mural for REDx

Abigail Vondy, Staff Reporter


Teachers and administrators answer cry: What are you doing for us?

Want to experience a day full of kickboxing, meditation, yoga, glass art, and assisted animal therapy? How about mural painting, virtual reality, magic, zumba, kite flying, and chalk drawings? The student body will have the ability to experience all of this on Friday April 26. A day full of bonding over speeches and exceptional booths is the answer to the question Eaton High’s students have been asking: What is the school doing for the student body? A day called REDx will be a day for the students to focus on themselves. To stop stressing about school and social issues, to just have a day focused on enriching the lives of the students here at Eaton High School.

Most people know what a TEDx conference is,  in fact that is how the English department come by this idea. English teacher  Jaryn Guerra said,  “The English and Science teachers went to a TedX conference in Denver this year, and that’s where the inspiration came from. It was really exciting, there were

Science and English Department at Denver TEDx

these booths everywhere and it really exceeded our expectations. It made us want to give the student body that same experience.” Which is what they did.

Deirdre White, another English teacher helping to create REDx, said, “We wanted to bring the students to a conference, for them to have the same experience, but you can’t bring 500 students down to Denver. So we decided to bring the conference to the students.”

The day will be packed with activities and speeches. While some students will be enjoying a fly tying demo, others will be attuned to moving speeches given by a special guest speaker brought in by the counseling department.

One activity the students will get to participate in is mural painting. When the English and Science department went to the TEDx conference in Denver they had the chance to paint a piece of a mural. To leave behind something for others to see. This same aspect will be provided at REDx. Students get to paint a piece of a mural to leave with the school. Every student will have the opportunity to leave something on the board for the whole school to see.

English teacher, Emily Sorenson has been working hard to make this day the best it can possibly be. She has been attending these conferences for the last few years and can’t wait for students to get to see it themselves. “We want to promote civic discourse and demonstrate how students can enrich their lives in a variety or meaningful ways. We’d like students to walk away feeling empowered about taking care of their minds, bodies, and spirits.”

REDx is all about the students and their well being. The whole reason is for the student body to get what they need, and from the life changing speeches to the crazy activity booths,staff hopes this will be accomplished. REDx will be a day to remember for both the student body and staff for many years to come.