Eaton battles Holy Family Girls tennis


Charlotte Reynolds, Staff Reporter

Girls tennis battled with Holy Family tennis team on April 2, 2019 falling short of their opponent. Leading scores were No. 2 doubles Matea Floryance (20) and Bekah Scott (20) winning their match 3-0. Following, No. 1 doubles Sydney Booth (19) and Mikaelee Salberg (19) won 2-0. No. 4 doubles Mariah Noonan (22) and Zoie Floryance (22) came close, losing their match 1-2. Floryance and Noonan spoke about playing for varsity. Floryance (22) says, “It’s my doubles partner and I’s first year playing tennis. It’s (tennis) pretty exciting and we’re excited to see where this season goes.” Noonan (22) says, “My favorite part about tennis is the unknown, we don’t know if we’ll win a match or not but I enjoy playing and having fun.” Coach Mike Brisendine says, “Overall we played our best match of the year against Holy Family’s true Varsity team. We might have to lose some matches to work towards the end result of being ready for regionals. It’s a process that’s going to take some time.”