Eaton band overcomes new challenges


Ben Williams (21) alto saxophone solo during Jazz Combo performance

Abigail Vondy, Staff Reporter

Eaton High School band show off skills with more challenging music at Tuesday night concert

The 2018 school year has brought Eaton High School band many impressive accomplishments. From more difficult music, to record numbers at Patriot League, this band has yet to disappoint. Tuesday, March 12, Eaton High School Band performed 13 remarkable songs for community, showing the audience just how much they have improved since the beginning of the year. Logan Doddridge, Eaton High School Band Director, said, “I asked them to take risks and go for things and to not be intimidated and they did just that.”  The band has met and exceeded his expectations, he said. 

Every band: Jazz Combo, Jazz Ensemble, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band were given a challenge with the new music, and every member took it as an opportunity to prove themselves for the audience, Doddridge said. Clarinet and tenor saxophone player, Danille Moyer (19), said, “This was the hardest programming Doddridge has ever done, not only for the symphonic band, but he pushed every single band. And I think it worked out successfully because everyone was willing to put in the hard work.”

Not only was the band able to take the more challenging music, but they were also able to feel comfortable while playing. Alto saxophone player, Ben Williams (21), said, “I felt we were more confident in ourselves.” Williams performed an impressive solo during Goodbye my Heart as Jazz Combo played behind him. 

All member of the band are proud of the newly accomplished challenges and are excited to see what comes next. Although, this concert will be one for the books. Nick Sell (21), french horn player, said, “We’ve played harder music and it’s just been fun growing.”