The future band at Eaton High School


Abigail Vondy, Staff Reporter

Eaton High School Band travels to middle school to recruit new members

Every year, when the seniors are getting ready to leave and the incoming freshmen are thinking about their future education, the Eaton High School Symphonic Band performs for the soon-to-be high schoolers. This year’s performance is different from the ones in the past. Lizzy Gonzales (19) is excited about the change in performance. “We are doing something new this year; we are putting the eighth graders actually in our band,” she said.

On Thursday, Feb. 14, members of the band traveled the short distance to the middle school to show off their skills and persuade the eighth grade students to become part of the Eaton High School Band family. Many of the committed members in the band today were once affected by the musical performance they witnessed during their eighth-grade year.

Feliz Martinez (22) is one of the members whose decision to join the band was the result of watching the performance when she was in eighth grade. “I really liked watching the band, I was like ‘Woah I wanna do that!’” she said. They want to give the eighth graders a taste of what high school band is all about. “I think it’s cool that the eighth graders are going to be around us and see what we can do,” Joelle Green (20) said. The Eaton High School Band is excited about the possible new members and are welcoming the incoming freshmen with open arms. “I wanna get kids into band, I want to help them get into something they love,” Addie Burke (22) said. Many of the band members have the same mindset.