The era of the AirPod


Liam Wray (22) shows off his new AirPods to Taylor Bradshaw (22).

Abigail Vondy, Staff Reporter

Eaton High suddenly full of students using new bluetooth device

One of the biggest trends to hit Eaton High School this year is the new AirPod epidemic. Throughout the halls of Eaton High, many of the students have the new white, one-inch, bluetooth earbuds sticking out from behind their hair, enjoying a secret jam-sesh. After AirPods started trending on all social media platforms during Christmas break, it has become a school-wide joke to those who use the new device and those who do not. Joking jealousy and fake cockiness is now a way for students to make each other laugh. When a student uses the original, wired, earbuds during class, the room will often echo with the words “broke.” But when AirPods are pulled out, “rich” will be heard throughout the halls. As this joke progresses, will it and the device soon create an issue in the classroom?

Taylor Bradshaw (22), a freshman who does not have the opportunity to acquire AirPods and never wants to, has been involved in the school-wide joke for the past few weeks, and she has strong feelings about this new epidemic. “They are overrated, I could cut my earbuds and then have AirPods… and kids could listen to music and the teachers wouldn’t necessarily know.” This opinion is also shared with some of the students who do have the privilege of owning AirPods. “Well, I could keep one in and one out while still listening to the teacher… But if they [students with AirPods] are always using them then it wouldn’t be good for their learning,” Liam Wray (22), an owner of the new device, said.