Death, death, and more death


Morgan Koeltzow, News Editor

I’m not kidding, as a true fan, the new Avengers movie left me emotionally scarred.

 Almost half of the characters die by the end of the movie so don’t get hopeful. The movie starts where Ragnorok left off as Thanos arrives and destroys Thor’s ship.      

Thanos likes doing things that, the 50/50 thing, where he brings “balance” to the universe by killing half of the population. He sees it as saving the world form its inevitable destruction because there are finite resources.

Thanos’ goal for the past five years of Marvel movies has been to collect all six infinity stones–Soul, Space, Mind, Reality, Power, and Time.

We first see him in the end credits of The Avengers. Thanos at first, sends his minions to collect the stones but is thwarted several times by the various Marvel heroes.      

 Thanos trades lives for each of the stones, and one of the first trade-offs of life becomes Loki for Thor, who  manages to ‘escape’.

In this sequel, Thanos sets out to gather the stones for himself as he wages universe- wide war. Several mainstream characters die trying to prevent him from his goal and ultimately fail.

Wakanda becomes the largest battlefield, and has the most characters in one place. Unlike all of the previous Marvel movies, the good guys don’t look like they have a good chance of victory, with Thanos’ relentless attempts for all six of the infinity stones.

His minions separate to get the remaining two stones  for efficiency, and endup with Spiderman, Ironman, and Dr. Stephen Strange all together on the ship,

Before this movie begins, fans sit wondering who will survive, because, face it, we all knew somebody was gonna die. But after the credits roll, fans just sit wondering “Why–why?”

But lest you lose all hope, in his final stage of disintegration, Nick Fury calls for a new superhero: Captain Marvel, who might just swoop in and save the world in Avengers 4 (Which has yet to be named). Remember, with Marvel, you can never know who is really dead (but let’s be real, there’s no way Loki is coming back–he’s dunzo).

Avengers: Infinity War smashed through previous records for opening weekend. In North America alone it earned $260 million. Beating Star Wars: The Force Awakens by $13 million. When combined with foreign box offices, the sales add up to more than $630 million.

This figure is still set to soar, as the movie has yet to open in one of the biggest markets–China. The film also boasted 97 returning characters, and the budget for this film, and Avengers 4 was an incredible $1 billion, the largest for any Marvel movie to date.

 Somehow this movie managed to be my favorite so far… and my least favorite. Infinity War was definitely as good as it was expected to be, and maybe more. It has an 84% ranking according to RottenTomatoes, and a 92% audience score.

The score of Avengers: Infinity War was written by established composer Alan Silvestri, who also worked on Forest Gump, The Polar Express, Back to the Future, and Avengers. While some of the music was typical for an action movie, there were several songs that were haunting, foreboding, and downright emotional. Ethereal would fit, with harps, violins and all sorts of string instruments mixed in with the intense drums. Don’t be surprised if an occasional burst from the brass section makes you jump in the midst of a fight scene

I give this movie a 10 out of 10 and would recommend it to anyone who has even the faintest interest in superheroes.

To understand all the references, you really should watch the first 18 movies of the franchise. But if you don’t, be ready to not understand up to half of the references, and PLEASE do not call yourself a real Marvel fan.

As an avid Marvel fan, I sobbed a good three times over the course of this movie, and then mad about the cliffhanger it left me with.

And, as with every Marvel movie, you have to stay clear to the end to see the ‘announcement’ of a hero new to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). This was the best movie of 2018 and will keep you on the edge of your seats until 2019 when Avengers 4 gets released.

 Meanwhile, Antman and the Wasp, Deadpool 2, Venom, Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse, Silver and Black, Dark Phoenix, and Captain Marvel, will just have to sate your hunger for superhero action.