Preparing for success

Jobs help students succeed early in high school


As students are entering their freshman year of high school, they are starting to look for jobs to keep them busy during the summers, and during the school year. Some students play sports, or multiple sports during the school year. As people grow and become sophomores and juniors they start to get drivers licenses. Some will have to pay for gas and maybe even the bill of a car. Eaton offers jobs including Mcdonald’s, Scooter’s, Ziggi’s, Subway, Eaton Country Club, Casa Maria, and A&W. A lot of these restaurant employees are high school students. Regardless of the type of jobs these students are learning skills that will help them out in the future. It is important to manage time while still in school but having a job helps with time management, communication, and working as a team. 

Some students go into the real world starting their senior year and get jobs working on cars, on a farm, or even as a CNA. These jobs require a little more education than the others, and may be something a student is more interested in. Most students who have these jobs are seniors, but it is possible as a junior the workload is just more because juniors are required to have more classes. 

Madison Flynn is a senior at Eaton High School and she started nursing schools at AIMS Community College this year. It is a full year class and she has to practice time management in her everyday life. She is also a manager at Jimmy John’s, while still taking courses at EHS. Flynn said, “I’ve had to come up with a routine to be able to manage my time better. It is better this semester because I have school every other day, so I can go to my AIMS class and then go to work at Jimmy John’s and work into the night. On my red days I have AIMS and then school at EHS and then sometimes I close at Jimmy John’s. I am close to earning my CNA after I pass a few more tests so that will be another job but my schedule will be more open in the summer.” Flynn has a heavy load on her shoulders but she has set herself up for success in the future. 

Avril Rodriguez works as a lifeguard at the Windsor Rec Center while trying to finish up her senior year. She enjoys lifeguarding because she participates on the high school swim team. Rodriguez has had the opportunity to be a lifeguard since summer of 2022. Rodriguez said, “I work early in the mornings before school, which gives me the opportunity to be home at night and stay after school if I need to work on anything with a teacher. My job has also given me the opportunity to create more friendships.” Rodriguez is working when the sun rises to make money and save up for her future.