Seniors catch the virus

Students struggle to come to school


Most seniors will agree that senioritis is real but parents and teachers will argue that it is fake. Senoritis comes with a decline in energy, motivation, and performance. It includes ditching classes, not going to school because there isn’t a point, leaving class, not putting effort into school work, etc. Senioritis gets real after the first semester ends, but some people experience it their whole senior year. It is important for seniors to stay focused and motivated. It is also important for seniors to enjoy their last few months of school and make some lasting memories before moving onto the next chapter of their life. 

There is not an exact cure to it but there are ways to stop it. The main cause is the thought that high school is almost over. The idea of being so close to the finish line allows seniors to get bored of school, and become lazy. It is very common that seniors struggle to engage in school as graduation approaches. 

According to a recent survey, over 80% of seniors reported feeling burnt out and unmotivated during their final year of school. Many students struggle to balance school work with the excitement of planning for their future. Senioritis also has consequences for students who don’t stay on track. Skipping classes, neglecting assignments, and failing classes can lead to lower grades and restricting college acceptances. 

There are ways to stay motivated during the final stretch of the school year. Setting small goals, staying organized, and seeking support can help seniors stay on track and finish the school year strong. It is important to think about what to achieve in the future.