Ragnarok sets the stage for Infinity War

Ragnarok sets the stage for Infinity War

Morgan Koeltzow, News editor

In the first 30 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok we saw over three major characters are lost and we get to watch, Cate Blanchett play Hela, the goddess of death.

After a decline in standard for the MCU (Marvel Cinema Universe), Thor: Ragnarok presents the characters the way they were meant to be portrayed, and allowed comedic relief where fans had been asking for it. Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie kept Thor, Loki, and Dr. Banner on their toes as she helped them escape The Gamemaster and his gladiatorial contest.

After losing Asgard to his sister he never knew he had, Thor loses hope and his hair, but is overjoyed to see his former co-worker, albeit pitted against him in a gladiatorial battle of champions, alive and flourishing. After escaping a planet made entirely of trash, they try to find their way back to Asgard before Hela, who is Thor’s secret older sister, destroys the last of Thor’s people who are being  ushered into a mountain stronghold by none other than Heimdall.*See character description boxes*

Brothers, unite once more along with the help of Valkyrie* and Hulk, to help the Asgardian people flee their now destroyed wasteland of a homeworld. They battle Hela and her army of undead soldiers as Loki returns with a ship to help the Asgardian people escape.

When the heroes begin to think they will not, and can not  win, Thor discovers  that it wasn’t his destiny to prevent Ragnarok, he was supposed to set it in place. Thor tells Loki to get Surtur’s crown because earlier in the movie Thor defeats Surtur, which once  Surtur’s crown is placed in the eternal flame of Asgard, Surtur will become powerful enough to destroy, Hela who cared nothing for the Asgardian people.

By the end of the movie Thor comes to another realization, that Asgard was never a place, it was always a people–his people. As the crew approaches Earth in hopes of finding a sanctuary, they find Earth confronted by a massive armada of alien invaders, led by an alien (Thanos), who is bent on reigning over the entire universe with the help of the Infinity gauntlet, which contains all of the Infinity Stones.

The movie was a rollercoaster of comedy and darker themes of destiny and apocalypse, and quite a bit of family drama in between. Thor: Ragnarok as of December 14, has made 816.4 million in box office, while Justice League made 567.4 million.

This is director Taika Waititi’s first Marvel film and it was well received with Marvel’s regular fanbase.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok sets up the next movies in the MCU, and with Thanos’ appearance in the final scene, every fan will have to to wait in agony until lnfinity War comes out in May of 2018.