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Nothing scary about IT

Ali Schmitt

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Andres Muschietti’s remake of the movie, “It,” attracted people of all ages. However, after watching the film, I could not find what the big deal was. Muschietti’s film was released September 8 and hundreds of people filled the seats of the theater, but it was not at all what they expected.

The movie adds suspicion through when Pennywise; played by Bill Skarsgard, will strike and who his next victim will be. Pennywise is a shape-shifting evil clown who comes out to feed on children’s fears every 7 years. In the new movie, Pennywise has waited his 7 years and is ready to feed. A little boy named Georgie; played by Jackson Robert Scott, goes playing in the rain and sailing a little paper boat down the gutter until it falls in the sewer drain. When Georgie’s boat falls into the sewer  Pennywise was lurking nearby and snatched the boat challenging Georgie to reach for it, desperate to get back the boat his brother made for him the little boy reaches to grab the boat from the clown. Pennywise sees the opportunity to feed and pulls little Georgie into the sewer. Bill; played by Jaeden Lieberher, Georgie’s older brother, is distraught about his baby brother’s death, but never knows it was Pennywise responsible until later in the film. Bill and his friends are soon being taunted  by Pennywise, and Bill is taunted multiple times by Pennywise with his dead brother. Pennywise is a shapeshifter who can turn into different things and change into people he has killed. Pennywise learns who and what the child fears and he becomes that thing. Beverley; played by Sophia Lillis,  is the only person in the group that doesn’t fear the clown, she was willing to fight him and see through his games. Pennywise almost kills her before the group of boys is able to release her from her trance. While all this is happening a few feet away Bill is faced with the choice to kill Pennywise who is disguised as his dead brother or give himself up to be with Georgie.

This horror movie seemed more comical and sad. The only scary parts in the film were presented with the suspense of when Pennywise, the evil clown, would come or when Pennywise would pop out. Muschietti uses a group of outcast boys and a girl; Beverly, Bill, Jack, Stanley, and Mike, as his main characters who are terrorized by Pennywise. Many parts in this film would attract those who enjoy adult humor. Muschietti adds in many pieces of adult humor throughout multiple scenes of the movie.  The blood and some of the scenes that Muschietti includes in the film are very corny. It is obvious the blood is fake because it looks like a type of red jam, and the scene where Pennywise bites Georgie’s arm off is poorly edited and looks completely fake and out of place. One good scene is where the group of kids are looking at a projector trying to learn more about Pennywise when he rips through the projector and almost captures the kids. Pennywise’s catch phrase is, “Come float with me”, is unrealistic since he doesn’t always taunt the kids when by water. And the end of the movie left many audience members on the brink of tears. Where most would think the movie is a horror movie it really isn’t, it is actually comical, sad, and pop up scary. The movie is not worth going all the way to the theaters to watch, if you really want to see it wait until it comes out and rent it. It is not worth the extra money you have to spend at the movie theater.



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Nothing scary about IT