Ten things to do by the end of your senior year

Sarah Jakel

Make a memory box and it fill it with memories before the end of the year- What better way to remember every thing you did and accomplished throughout your senior year. Throw in pictures, tickets and other tokens to remember what you did. Open in ten years and then close it back up. After that open it up whenever you need a few feel good memories to look back on or even a couple of laughs. Write a letter to yourself to include in the box. Include who you were friends with, what you liked to do and stuff that you did and accomplished throughout the year. Senior year is most definitely one to remember.

Go on a road trip with your friends-Spring Break is a great time to check this one off of your list. Even a weekend will work. Take a road trip to a place where each person chooses that way everyone gets an opportunity to see something they want to. Take plenty of pictures of all the locations and of yourselves to remember the trip. They can even go in your memory box. Make sure to plan out every part very well so everything goes smoothly when it is time to go on the trip.Get everyone on bored and talk about what everyone wants to do. Most of all: have fun!

Leave inspiring notes for people to find-One small inspiring quote is enough to turn anyone’s day around. Leave them plastered on lockers or on people’s cars or anywhere that people will see them. Once they read it they are going to have a smile from ear to ear. If you need any inspiration for quotes go to our Pinterest board:      Doing this will make you feel good because when you see people looking at them you will know that you were the reason that someone is happy.


Go to your senior Prom-It is the last time you will have a chance to go to something like it. Weather you go with a date or a group of friends make it the most fun night of you have had in a long time. Make every minute of the night count, from the start of dinner to the last minute of after prom. Dance your little heart out. Try out all of the activities at after prom. Just have an absolute blast. Take pictures in include them in your memory box. Don’t get caught up in drama. It is one of the last times that everyone is going to be in once place together, so make it count.

Pull an all nighter-Why not? You have to have fun and all nighters create some of the best memories you will ever have. Plan a night in with all of your closest friends. Go out and buy everyone’s favorite snacks to keep on hand for the night. Pick out a couple of your favorite movies. Tell everyone to bring some big blankets and then there will be a nice fluffy bed wherever you choose. Chill out, talk and just make some great memories with your friends. You won’t regret it.


Finish your final semester with all A’s-What is a better accomplishment than saying you finished high school with all A’s. It is the last time people will look at your work ethic from school. Colleges will be impressed by what they say. And the number one rule is to do it for yourself. If you put in the hard work, it will feel so good when it is finally over. Leave your legacy at your school and inspire younger people to work as hard as you did.


Spend an entire watching Disney movies-We all have those Disney movies that make us feel like a kid all over again. Why not spend an entire day embracing your inner child? It will probably one of the last times for a while that you will get a chance to enjoy something simple like the children films. Pick your favorites or ones you haven’t seen in a long time. Maybe even pick out one that you have never seen. Spend the day with people you just absolutely adore.


Make a scrapbook-Fill a scrapbook with all of your adventures from the years of high school. Start with the first day of freshman year and end with graduation pictures of you and all of your friends. This is a great way to remember everything you did while you were in high school. Do the same thing you did with the memory box and put in pictures, prom tickets and other moments that you never want to forget. Spend a lot of time on it because it is going to be something that you will want to remember. Look back on it whenever you want to reminisce about the good old days.

Make amends with people you have had problems with-With high school about to be in your past, it is time to make peace with everyone that you may have had problems with in the past. even if you do not get along with them just make peace and go your separate ways. No more high school drama is needed throughout the rest of your life. You will have plenty with your job so you don’t need to be stuck on something that happened when you were a teenager.


GRADUATE-Above all else, it is your time to shine. You have worked hard for four years to make it to now. Walk across the stage and accept your diploma with all of the pride in the world. It is you that worked for this moment. But don’t forget to thank everyone that helped you along the way. Thank your parents, teachers, coaches and friends because without them school would have not been as easy or as fun. Take a million pictures on graduation day because it is one of the biggest moments in your life and you do not want to forget a single moment of it. Frame all the pictures or put them in a scrapbook. Put your cap and gown somewhere where you can cherish it forever. You did it and your done with high school. Here is to the rest of your life! Go out and do great things.