Seniors surveyed about their final year

Sarah Jakel

Eaton class of 2017 surveyed by Eaton Red Ink

By Sarah Jakel

Seniors are nearing the end of their high school career. The biggest question that is being fired at them like missiles is what they are going to do after graduation. Some of the seniors to answer the questions that are on everybody’s mind. A little more than 97% of the students who responded are going to be attending college. Thirty seven students responded to this survey.

Only one person gave an answer to another option that they make and that is modeling or acting. 34.3% of people are still undecided about where they want to go to college. Aims and Colorado State University were tied at 17.1% for the people who want to go to college at those locations.

Seven people that responded are doing something other than going to college after high school ends.

40.5% of people are searching for the school that offers their major. Price and location are also other big factors when searching for the right college.

The stress of senior year and the thought of being apart of society in a few short months varies for people. One on the scale is not stressed at all and ten is stressed about everything.

What comes next for people is something that varies for everyone but they all have one thing  in common: being excited for something that can’t always happen during high school.

High school isn’t over yet and there is still time to enjoy the things that make school something to remember.

Even though Eaton is a school known for their sports teams amongst other things, a little over 75% of the seniors surveyed will not be playing sports when they head to college.

The people who will be playing sports will play either basketball, football, track or another sport.  

The clubs that people would like to join had a variety of answers. People answered about clubs that they would like to join during their senior year or when they start college. Someone would like to join a fraternity and a science club. Another person might join Ambassadors for Christ while they attend Aims. Chess club, choir, collegiate FFA, a sorority are all options that people are looking into. Other options that people might pursue is listed below: