Movies are a favorite pass time

Rae Wood


By Rae Wood

Many Eatonians vegged in the movie theatre during winter break. Several movies premiered during break. The movie “Unbroken” rocked the box office.  Justice Muro (15), who watched the movie “Unbroken” said the movie appealed to her because she “liked that he was an Olympian and he still decided to serve his country.” She said the movie deserved five stars, but IMDb gave the movie three stars because of the lack of “pazazz”. Along with the movies that premiered over break, several students and staff members saw movies that have been in theatres for a while. Band instructor Logan Doddridge said he went to see “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay– Part One.” Although he didn’t like the first few movies in the series, he gave this one fairly high praise. He liked that the story is “finally coming to an end” and that a “Hunger Games” story that didn’t take place during one of the Hunger Games competitions. Mockingjay earned three-and-a-half stars from IMDb, and Doddridge gave the movie four stars. When asked if he had read the books, Doddridge said that he had not and to not “tell Mrs. Sorenson” who teaches the Hunger games and would surely disapprove if he watched the movies without reading the books.  Another book-to-movie that hit theatres, called the “The Maze Runner,” was attended by Garrett Proctor(15). “The Maze Runner” is another post apocalyptic story about rebellion with a hero. He said that the movies are never as good as the books, and that was why he gave the movie two stars even though IMDb awarded the movie 3.5 stars. If he hadn’t read the book he would have enjoyed the movie more than he did.