FCCLA represents the Eaton High School image at the State Leadership Conference

EHS FCCLA Chapter wins the Ultimate Image Award


Julia Meagher, Staff Reporter

     The Eaton High School (EHS) Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Chapter attended the Colorado FCCLA State Leadership Conference last week. Twelve students from this chapter attended the conference with advisor Amy Fetzer. Throughout the conference, these students exemplified the EATON acronym, resulting in winning the conference’s Ultimate Image Award as well as individual awards.

     At the conference, students competed in different categories against other FCCLA members in Colorado. These competitions comprise of projects completed by each student, then presented to a team of judges. Aidan Juhl (23) and Noah Juhl (23) competed as a team in Repurpose and Redesign. Elizabeth Johnson (25) also competed in Repurpose and Redesign. The chapter had two teams compete in Interpersonal Communication; Alin Rivera (24) and Alyssa Koeltzow (24), as well as Zoe Lampe (23) and Kiauna Smith (25). As a team, Kennedy Scudder (24) and Julia Meagher (24) competed in Promote and Publicise FCCLA. Jarrod Robinson (23) competed in the Sports Nutrition category, and Jaeli Lewis (23) competed in Leadership.

    Throughout the conference, the organization allowed students to run for a State Officer position for the upcoming year. Mattea Gurnsey (24) ran against 10 other students for one of the State Officer positions. Ultimately, she earned the position of Vice President of Events. Guernsey said, “Even though it was stressful I’ve already made so many new friends and I’m excited to see what nationals and the upcoming year have in store. I can’t wait to represent our chapter on a big stage!”

     State advisors at the conference, evaluate chapters for their professionalism, communication, attire, and presence. At the end of the conference, one chapter is chosen and awarded the Ultimate Image Award, for being the best in these categories. The EHS FCCLA Chapter was chosen for this Award, for exemplifying all aspects of the EATON Acronym (Excellence, Awareness, Tenacity, Ownership, and Noteworthiness). 

     Each student who competed at the conference is awarded Bronze, Silver, or Gold, based on their overall score from the judges. Receiving a score of 1 to 69.99, Rivera, Koeltzow, and Robinson placed Bronze. Placing Silver, Scudder, Meagher, Lewis, Smith, and Lampe received a score of 70 to 89.99. With a score of 90 or higher, Aidan and Noah Juhl, and Johnson received Gold. Scudder and Meagher placed second overall in their category, qualifying them for the National Leadership Conference.

     Scudder said, “I have always dreamed of qualifying for Nationals. I am so proud of Julia and I for actually making it happen this year, and I can’t wait to attend the conference.” Scudder and Meagher will compete in the National Leadership Conference in July.

    Overall the Colorado FCCLA State Leadership Conference was successful and influential for the EHS chapter. Members engaged with students from schools all over the state and learned many new things through their projects.