Netflix’s #1 ranked show releases third season

Outer Banks comes out with third season after waiting almost two years


After successful airing of the first two seasons, Outer Banks’ long-awaited third season has been released. Since the first season was released during quarantine, the show immediately took off. Eaton High School students were excited about the new season of treasure-hunting teenagers and the dramas of their lives. EHS has been buzzing with talk about the show since it came out. 

Outer Banks lovers have been patiently waiting for the third season to premiere and were quick to watch it and review it with their friends. Annabelle Dejager (25) said, “Season 1 is my favorite because it was the most exciting and captivating.” Other people have said they were a little bit disappointed with season 3 and wished it was more like the first two seasons. “The acting was good but the storyline was a little far-fetched in the third season,” said Dejager. 

Outer Banks has more seasons coming in the future and left the most recent season with information that will be exciting to see as the show goes on. These teens never stop their hunt for treasure. From the first episode to the last episode, each character has evolved into who they are, and grown into the roles that they are portraying. Lily Kennedy (25) said, “In the show’s future, I would love to see more friendships and relationships between the different sides of the island.” The island has always been separated by Kooks and Pogues, but maybe the entire island will unite and work together. Dejager said, “I hope to see the characters with bad reputations grow to be better people.” 

Outer Banks is ranked first in “TV Shows Today” and the fame continues to grow. Stay tuned for Outer Banks season 4, expected to be released early summer of 2024.