Girls tennis takes on Thompson Valley

Varsity takes first tough loss against Thompson Valley


Girls Varsity Tennis started off their season with a match against Thompson Valley. The team hosted the first match of the season, on Mar. 20, and will play their next match on Friday, Mar. 24 for their first tournament at home.

Two doubles, Kallie Salberg (24) and Tayla Wiedeman (24) won their first match. “In the beginning, we were a little nervous because it was the first match and the first time we had played together. We kept a positive attitude the whole time which helped us come out on top. It was really close the first game and our attitude was better than the other team in the second set, which helped us,” says Wiedeman. Three doubles, Shelby Shuman, and Chloe Stevens (24) also won their first match at home. “I think we played really well together and it took a little to figure out how we would work together, but once we did we had a lot of fun,” said Stevens.

The Varsity Team has seven seniors on the team; Emily Brisendine, Abby Copeland, Dayana Hernandez, Jayden Kuskie, Aubrey Ledall, Tiana Mcdaniel, and Shelby Shuman. Mike Brisendine is the head coach for the girls’ varsity team, followed by Alex Adams as the assistant coach.  

Making up the varsity team is one single Ledall, two singles Kuskie, and three singles Brisendine. Copeland and Mcdaniel are one double, Salberg and Wiedeman are two doubles, Shuman and Stevens are three doubles, and Evie Gavette (25) and Lily Kennedy (25) are four doubles for the Reds.