Basic trends crowding the halls of Eaton High School

Trends become so common that they are basic just a month after coming to the public

Basic trends crowding the halls of Eaton High School

Abiah Randel, Staff Reporter

Popular trends come and go constantly. Some of the recent trends have been Ugg slippers, Lululemon crossbody bags, Stanley cups, and cropped vests. In almost any classroom, it is a guarantee that you will see one of these. find somebody with one or more than one of these.

All of these trends came from TickTock which is one of the leading social media in the modern day. These trends were shared by social media influencers and even everyday people on the platforms to share what they thought was something new and cool. Some trends catch on quickly and others take time, but the most recent trends caught on fast. Now nobody can go anywhere without seeing people with one or more of these items in tow.

Once these items started gaining popularity, the companies that produced the products began to sell out of said products. People were willing to be put on wait lists to be able to get the latest trend items once they were back in stock.

These items can catch on quickly, but they can be forgotten just as soon as the next new trend comes out. It is already visible with the Ugg slippers. The “hype” around them has been diminishing since the holiday season passed. The rest of the trends are still going strong, but it’s not easily predicted when the items will no longer be trendy.

Tyli Tysdal (24) said, “Seeing famous people with Stanley cups, puffer vests, and products that aren’t widely known makes them trendy.” Trends can be new things that have never been seen or products that have been reinvented by different companies. Tysdal believes that “having similar products to the new and trendier products makes her want to buy the new product less.” She does feel basic having some of the new trending products, but she also feels that it’s okay and that as long as she feels good, it doesn’t matter if it’s part of a basic trend or not.

Freshman Chloe Crider also owns several of the products that make up the newer trends. Crider said, “I think they’re more popular because then everyone wears them and you’re like everyone, but I guess if you do not like all those people then you wouldn’t wear them, but I feel that it does make me feel a little bit basic.” Trends become trends because people find a certain product attractive or useful in some way, so lots of people will have them. Crider also said, “people online and famous people mostly influenced me to pick up on these trends.”

Ashtyn Black (23) said, “The Lululemon crossbody bag I bought because it is easier to carry around than a big purse or bag. I bought the Stanley cup simply because it encourages me to drink more water.” The trends can be used in practical ways which is the reason why she got them. Black also said, “no, having these ‘basic trend items’ doesn’t make me feel basic because it makes me feel bougie and productive.”