Headed to the Super Bowl

The conference championship showed which teams have it cut out to get to the 2023 Super Bowl


The NFL (National Football League) season is coming to an end, and this week unveiled the winners of each Conference. In the AFC (American Football Conference),  the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Cincinnati Bengals for the second time in a row to battle it out for the AFC championship title. On the other side of the bracket, the Philadelphia Eagles hosted the San Francisco 49ers for the rights to the NFC championship title. 

The day started out with the Philadelphia Eagles playing against the San Francisco 49ers  at home to see who will take the title of the NFC. The Eagle’s defense came out in the first quarter and sidelined the 49er’s starting quarterback Brock Purdy. The 49ers were forced to put in Josh Johnson who is the 4th quarterback to play a game for the 49ers this year.

Lucas Stone (24) said, “Purdy getting hurt definitely changed the outcome of the game. It also didn’t help that the backup got injured too.” Not only did Purdy get injured, but Johnson also suffered from a concussion, and got ruled out for the remainder of the game. The 49ers had to choose between putting their injured quarterback in or putting their running back in, who was third on the depth chart for the quarterback. 

This unfortunate circumstance for the 49ers and the relentlessness of the Eagles led to a 31-7 win for the Eagles. The Eagles have headed to the Super Bowl again, after winning it 41-33 against the New England Patriots in 2017.

In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs hosted the Cincinnati Bengals for the second straight year. Last year, the Bengals took the win against the away crowd and were looking to take the win again.

Jake Hergenreter (23)said, “Yeah the Chiefs got bailed out by the refs. Obviously, the Bengals could have played better, but there were some pretty bad calls.” Hergenreter was not the only person to feel this way. Many fans were outraged by how many penalties the referees gave the Bengals. On third down and four Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs quarterback, took off for a gain of 7 yards just outside of field goal range. However, the Bengals were flagged for an unsportsmanlike conduct call that put the Chiefs in a position to make the game-winning field goal. Fans were outraged how on that same play three separate Bengals players were being helped and not one flag was thrown against the Chiefs.

The Chiefs took the win 23-20 sending them to the Super Bowl and ending their third straight loss to the Bengals. The last time the Chiefs were in the Super Bowl was in 2021 when they lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl. They have been playing well all year, especially in the playoffs,” Stone said and Hergenreter also said, “The Eagles will for sure take the win in the Super Bowl.” The Eagles are the favorites to win and rightfully so. The Eagles have a better record, and their win over the 49ers shows just how powerful they really are.