Liver King confesses

The famous Liver King comes clean about steroid use

Liver King confesses


TikTok influencer Brian Johnson, known by fans as Liver King, has come forward and admitted to using performance-enhancing steroids after claiming time and again that he would not go near them. 

In August of 2021, Johnson began posting his primal lifestyle to motivate people and share his fitness journey. Johnson claimed that his diet of various raw organ meats and other natural foods like eggs, milk, and bone marrow, along with other more modern additions, was the reason for his impressive physique.

Johnson’s primal lifestyle also had him fasting for long periods of time before his “simulated successful hunts,” where he walked several miles outside with a weighted backpack, weighted sled, ankle weights, and kettlebells.

On Dec. 1, 2022, Johnson posted a video on his YouTube channel titled “Liver King Confession… I Lied.” In the seven-minute video he admits to previously and currently taking steroids, monitored by a trained professional. He also admitted that on the multiple podcasts he talked in, he lied about not being on performance-enhancing drugs. 

Many people had previously expressed their doubt in Johnson’s ability to obtain his physique without PEDs, But there was no evidence to prove the claims. Additionally, it was difficult to say whether or not Johnson was using steroids because there were not any people who lived a similar lifestyle that he could be compared to.

Junior Tripp Kayser said, “My opinion on Liver King stays that same because he is built, and his message to stay healthy is positive overall. His lifestyle definitely helps him build muscle, but the steroids obviously boost his progress.”

He was a fraud in the sense that he was influencing people in the wrong way by saying his physique was made from just eating bizarre foods.”

— Alejandro Rodriguez

No doubt, Johnson is an athlete, but it’s hard for people to believe that steroids are not the cause of his wild figure. 

He also discussed the situation with the hosts of the FLAGRANT podcast, and there he claimed that he would be going natural from that point forward. Some are skeptical due to Johnson lying about steroid use on podcasts in the past, but perhaps the Liver King has turned over a new  leaf.