Eaton theater outperformed “Appointment with Death”

Theater performed the play in the brand new auditorium


With all the stress and worry that the auditorium wouldn’t be done by the time Eaton theater was ready to perform, they went out and killed it. This was the first show of the year. The students began practicing at the beginning of the school year and spent many nights rehearsing at the old high school. The show lasted two hours and was performed for three nights in a row. With one intermission, three scenes, and limited space to prepare, they managed to get it done and completed with perfection. 

The show wouldn’t have been able to go on without the tech crew, though. Featuring the director, Kendra Hixon, assistant director Charlotte Spaid (24), stage manager Teagan Humphries (24), running crew Michelle Vallejos (24), Dharma Perkins (25), and Alex McDaniel (26), booth manager Wesley Buxman (24), set design and construction EHS Theatre Technology Class, poster Dharma Perkins, and playbill editor Samantha Clousing (23). Spaid said, “The most challenging part during a show is being patient with the cast and the pace of the show and staying positive.”  They made sure everything was ready and perfected for the show. 

“Appointment with Death” starred Mrs. Boynton (Clousing) and was about a group of travelers who were put together on an adventure to the city of Petra. When Mrs. Boynton was found dead, the group found themselves among the suspects. Mrs. Boynton and her four step children are all very close. This play offers a unique take on a murder mystery. With the cast knowing it was going to be a challenge, they made it to the finish line. 

Theater becomes a lifestyle when being involved in it for years. Clousing has been doing theater since her freshman year. She said, “Theater for me is a family. We fight, we argue, but we are all family. Hixon is like a mother to me. I love the cast to death; I would do anything for them and they know that. It is not only my greatest passion but it is also the family that I’ve created that I love about it.” Clousing hopes the meaning of theater lives on and people continue to grow as a family when she graduates.