EHS students favorite holidays

With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up students are excited for the holidays


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Hailey Pribble, staff reporter

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentines’ Day, and Easter are all coming closer day by day. Halloween took place almost a month ago, and next up is Thanksgiving. For families around the world, Thanksgiving is a time to come together and give thanks, but don’t forget the food that comes along with it. The holiday season fills people with joy and gives people something to look forward to.

Tyli Tysdal (24) loves the holidays, but especially Halloween. Halloween is a time for people to bring out their creativity in their costumes and know they won’t get judged at all. “My favorite holiday is Halloween because I get to dress up and see people in their costumes,” said Tysdal. Even though Tysdal does not have any traditions that go with Halloween, her favorite memories are from the Halloweens she spent in Denver. This year for Halloween Tysdal dressed like a firefighter, and next year she does not know what her costume will be. 

Lexi Oliva (24), like many others, definitely has the Christmas spirit. “My favorite holiday is Christmas because of the warm cozy feeling it brings,” said Oliva. For many families, Christmas is one of their favorite holidays because of the traditions, whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, the Elf on the Shelf, or reading certain books on Christmas Eve. For Oliva it is “opening presents because I enjoy getting people presents for Christmas.” Christmas is just around the corner, and Olivia and her family can’t wait.

WIth Christmas and Thanksgiving just around the corner everyone is getting in the holiday spirit. Holidays are a time of fun, happiness, and love. Oliva and many others are excited that Christmas is just around the corner bringing warmth, joy, and presents. Tysdal is looking forward to Halloween next year and all the scares, candy, and costumes.