Moon Knight makes it’s debut

Marvel and Disney team up to release new show on Disney Plus

Moon Knight makes its debut

Now that the highly anticipated Marvel show Moon Knight is finally streaming on Disney Plus, it’s a hot topic, and the show has fans on the edge of their seats every episode.

First of all, Moon Knight’s story is fantastic. The show begins by following the life of Steven Grant, a man living in London and working in a museum gift shop. Grant experiences strange phenomena in his sleep. He goes to sleep each night and wakes up somewhere different, so he takes precautions to make sure that his body can’t take his unconscious mind to strange places in the middle of the night. 

Alex Williams (24) said, “Moon Knight is a very good show and I really like the struggle between the two personalities.”

Eventually, he ends up in a village and is captured by the guards for stealing their prophet’s prized golden scarab. He begins hearing a voice in his head, and whenever he seems to be in inescapable danger, he blacks out and when he regains consciousness, he has been saved by an unseeable force.

The continuing plot is well thought out and keeps the viewer hooked and waiting to uncover the next step of the journey. Oscar Isaac, who plays Spector fantastically portrays the struggle between Grant and his other half to maintain control of the body, which is complemented very well by Ethan Hawke’s performance as the cool and collected villain, Arthur Harrow. 

There is a mob of other interesting characters such as Khonshu the Egyptian god of the moon, Marc Spector, Steven’s other personality, and Layla,  who not only helps Steven and Mark on their journey to stop Arthur but is also Spector’s wife. 

The visual representation of the Moon Knight’s armor stands out in the show and draws all attention to him. The show’s visual effects are fantastic, especially so in a scene in episode three where Khonshu turns back the night sky. 

Spector’s multiple personalities and his struggle to control and contain them make for an interesting dynamic, but its also mildly disturbing.“It’s very entertaining and impactful. It really impacts how you see yourself, and the fight scenes are wild,” said Ridge Kayser (24). 

Moon Knight is an excellent story that is paired with great actors and interesting characters to create a show that keeps the audience glued to their screens. Be on the lookout for episode seven on May 11.