Picking the perfect dress for prom alongside FCCLA

FCCLA hosts Say Yes to the Dress for prom


Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) are hosting Say Yes to the Dress for EHS’s 2022 Prom.  FCCLA advertises this event during homecoming and prom every year. This year Say Yes to the Dress has been promoted through the morning announcements and will be promoted through posts on social media. Sophomore Mattea Gurnsey, chairman for Say Yes to the Dress, wants students to be informed about Say Yes to the Dress and believes that getting the word out through social media and the morning announcements is crucial. Male FCCLA members also modeled some of the dresses to the students at lunch on April 8. 

Say Yes to the Dress gives students the opportunity to feel beautiful at prom even if they don’t have the money or the ability to buy a dress for the event. Students can donate their old prom dresses to FCCLA and those looking for a dress can choose between the donated dresses. FCCLA has about 30 prom dresses to choose from as of right now but they are always looking for more donations. Say Yes to the Dress is doing wonderful things for the students at the high school and the other teens in the community looking for prom dresses. By having Say Yes to the Dress, stunning gowns that were only worn once get to be shown off and worn again. “Some families can’t afford to buy a dress that will be worn one time,” said Gurnsey (24). By getting dress donations, “we are helping families save money,” said Gurnsey (24). Students who are interested in donating a dress can contact Gurnsey (24) or Mrs. Irwin. Students who are interested in getting a dress can swing by Mrs. Irwin’s room after school browse the dress options she has or contact Gurnsey (24) for more information.