New semester, new school

The new renovation added to Eaton shows amazing progress and hope for the new school.


As innovation is written in the media center and is important to many projects, innovation is to move forward and discover. Many classes were held in a modular fashion requiring students to walk outside and classes were confined and very little innovation for the classroom, but introduced to a brand new walkway accompanied by the media center with glass that looks into the brand new courtyard which is an outside scenic type area where students can eat lunch, study and more. And the largest addition is the brand new connecter building, which had all the old modular classes as well as an elevator design for students that have a disability, this is important because if there was a student that broke their leg the teacher would have to move the whole class for the one student, this is not an issue anymore and is a great addition to the new and innovate school. This new building’s name is undecided, rumors state the “21 building” or the “connecter” both are great names.  Tristan Ryan said, “ it’s alright, it’s for the middle schoolers though, so I don’t have much more time here”. The colors are beautiful red and white to compliment the colors of Eaton. with plenty of glass and modern art, the future of school design. Eaton needed a fresh change, and this was the perfect alternative and start to something.