Adele’s ’30’ explores her self-love journey

Adele made a comeback after six years with her fourth studio album, 30. The soulful British pop artist reflects on her personal growth as a mother, divorcée, and influential figure. “My Little Love” features recordings of the singer’s nine-year-old son debriefing divorce. As Adele navigates loneliness, she is vulnerable and intentional through her songwriting. She writes, “When you lay on me, can you hear the way my heart breaks?…. My little love, I see your eyes widen like an ocean, When you look at me so full of my emotion I’m findin’ it hard to be here sincerely. I know you feel lost, it’s my fault completely.” She expresses the weight she carries for her child in a broken home. This work explores themes of grief, heartache, and the long and winding road to self-love. The lead single of the album “Easy on Me,” highlights her gorgeous vocals as she made her return to the pop charts. “Easy on Me” topped the US Billboard Hot 100 during its release. To preface the release of 30, Adele performed “Adele: One Night Only,” aired on CBS alongside an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The audience included some of Adele’s closest friends like Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy. “I chose to do the comeback this way to celebrate how special the process of making it was,” Adele told Oprah. Adele continues to receive recognition and merit in the music scene for her lyrical honesty and heart-wrenching vocals. As she matures, her audience does with her, making her songs all the more special.