Juice Wrld Fighting Demons

Album released two days after second anniversary of death


Gabe Holguin

Deceased artist Juice Wrld has dropped his new album Fighting Demons, three days after the second anniversary of his untimely passing. The album has developed a lot of hype since it is the second album being released after his passing , the first being Legends Never Die in July of 2020. The hype met with widespread love since it was the second posthumous album release. Fans such as Karson Chadwick (22) said, “I think it was good and my thoughts coming up to the release was ‘It’s going to be good, it has to be good.’ And my expectations were met because the music released prior was good and what we got with this album was good and it feels like it has been so long without any new Juice so now it feels like we’ve got it with this album.” The strong songs on Fighting Demons are “Burn”, “Already Dead”, “You Wouldn’t Understand”, “Rockstar in His Prime”, “Doom”, “Go Hard”, “Feline” (with Polo G & Trippie Redd), “Relocate”, “Until The Plug Comes Back Around”, “Feel Alone”, “My Life In A Nutshell”. Chadwick also said this about the album “The best song, in my opinion, is ‘Doom’, Just because of the way the song sounds, it gives me a vibe that is unmatched.” Unfortunately,as a posthumous album, it is not as good in everybody’s eyes. Wesley Martin (22) said, “Some songs were good, but overall kind of mid in my opinion. I think the songs that they put on there were not the best, especially since it was the second anniversary of his death. I think that they could have put better-unreleased songs, such as ‘Cigarettes.’ If they were put on there, then it would have made the album exceedingly better. Coming up to the album I was excited based on the hype around it especially with Dylan Laswell (22) hyping it up. But I did like some songs on the album though, ‘Already Dead’ is the best one on the album even though they released it before the album.” The release of this album is a step in the right direction for fans of Juice Wrld, especially since there is a documentary about his life and struggles with drug addiction coming out on December 16th and an alleged deluxe album for Fighting Demons coming out sometime in March 2022. There is also a crisis line called livefree999.org made in honor of Juice Wrld dedicated to substance abuse and mental health.