Eaton HOCO 2021 Week Recap

After a deprived year, homecoming 2021 was a huge success



EHS homecoming brought the entire community together after a year of separation. To start spirit week off, Marvel Monday brought out everyone’s superhero t-shirts and accessories, even the teachers dressed up. Spiderman, Iron man, and Superman costumes were found all over the school. 

Then it was Toy Story Tuesday where toy story characters were roaming the halls. Aliens, cowboys, and Buzz LightYear were popular outfit ideas. On Wednesday, it was Disney day, where the students and teachers dressed up as characters from Disney Plus and more. The home economics teacher, Amy Erwin was dressed as Maleficent and the language arts teacher, Kylie Griffin dressed as Yzma from the Emperor’s New Groove. The principal Jessica Grable dressed as Minnie Mouse and the assistant principal Tom Shannon dressed as Mickey Mouse and were the perfect duo. The entire week was themed Disney except for Friday, “I think spirit week was fun, but I think we still need to find better ideas for the week. I was still happy some people dressed up though,” Tyanne Bartel (24) said. 

 For a typical Thursday of a spirit week, the STUCO decided to go with throwback Thursday. On Thursday, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s vibes were raging in EHS. Dirk Duncan (22) and Charlotte Reynolds (22) both dressed up as hippies for the ’70s. Brooke Beacom (22) and Ryan Dirkson (22) both dressed up for the ’80s in their denim. Jesse Slaten (22) and Taylor Bradshaw (22) both dressed up in the ’50s, in their black leather jackets and blue denim jeans. Micheal Howard (22) and Abigail Vondy (22) dressed as Ronald and Nancy Reagan from his presidential years, with Reagan and Bush hats. 

On Friday, EHS had their Red’s gear day, where students and teachers dress up in their best Eaton gear. Lots of girls painted jeans with Eaton colors and wore them. Other girls had on football jerseys and the football players wore them as well.

 After school on Friday, the parade was fantastic, with a bunch of floats exploding with students. Lots of clubs and sports put floats together along with the grade floats. While the parade was happening, the Eaton High School Cross Country team was running the annual Platte Valley Meet. After the parade, the school had a new event happening, where people from the community could come and hang out. Community members were able to purchase a spot and tailgate with fun snacks and activities before the game. There were corn hole tournaments hosted by the Key Club at EHS.

 Before the game even started the stands were filling up and parking was scarce. The game started and the Eaton Reds crushed Faith Christian with a final score of 50-7 and no injuries, “Eaton did an amazing job working together as a team to crush Faith Christian. It will be really exciting to see how the next few games will play out for them,” said Grant Weaber (24). Since the score was so high, the JV football team got time to play and even scored a touchdown.  At the game, Slatten and Bradshaw were crowned king and queen of the 2021 homecoming court. The Denver Broncos also made an appearance including the cheerleaders and a couple players, one of them being Steve Atwater. 

The following night was the homecoming dance, with a line out the school doors to get in. The theme was ‘Be our guest’ from Beauty and the Beast. The dance was held in the auxiliary gymnasium of the Eaton High School and lasted from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Lots of students attended and “It was fun because I got to be with all of my friends,” Hailey Pribble (24) said. The dance had colorful lights with decorations and a DJ that played all the latest hits. Homecoming 2021 was astounding and also Covid-19 free.