Backpacks- packing personality and school supplies

Multiple seniors from the class of 2022 have backpacks that come with a back story!

Aubrey Ledall, Staff Reporter

Backpacks, one of the most needed bags in a student’s life, are something that let students express themselves while providing practicality. Numerous backpacks that are seen around school come with a backstory. Each and every backpack catches a certain student’s eye for a reason. Some backpacks provide comfort; lugging around large textbooks, binders for classes, and a Chromebook can end up being quite a heavy load. These bags usually have extra cushion on the back or in the straps. Backpacks targeted to younger audiences also appeal to high school students because of their whimsical designs. From cute animals to heroic superheroes these backpacks initiate conversations and laughter between students. Other backpacks are chosen for the label that is imprinted on them. The North Face, Under Armour, Oakley, Adidas, and other brand labels and logos are popular for students who are fans of these brands.

“I picked the Cars backpack because the movie was a big part of my childhood and I really liked it,” said Joseph Sisneros (22).

 Dirk Duncan (22) has a Paw Patrol backpack, he said, “I chose the Paw Patrol one because I love the show! My little brother was always watching it when he was younger and since then I’ve liked it.”

Maria Ruuemaue (22) said, “I picked it because when I think of backpacks I think of expression and my backpack expresses me and my personality. It’s fun, authentic, and nobody has it. It’s the vibe I was going for and it will make a lasting impact on everyone.”

“It’s a tradition backpack, it’s been passed down. Before me it was Ben Fausts and before him another kid’s backpack,” said Dakota Annis (22).

Lexi Bruntz (22) said, “I like spiderman so I got this backpack.”