2021 Met Gala


Gabriel Holguin

Since 1948, the Met Gala has been held in New York as a fundraising event for the Met’s Costume Institute, which was originally a gallery of costumes that theatre designers could look to for inspiration. However, the Met Gala has changed its purpose over the years due to Anna Wintour taking over in 1995. The Met Gala we know today is more of a fashion show for celebrities to showcase their unique looks, while still contributing to the original purpose of the fundraiser. Each year the Met Gala generates a fresh theme in order to inspire new looks from celebrities. This year’s theme is “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” which can be interpreted in multiple ways, and this year’s celebrities truly showcased that.

The 2021 Met Gala has caught the attention of many people, one being Liam Wray (22). Wray said, “I really think Olivia Rodrigo struggled and wasn’t looking her best. All eyes on her right now and looking like that at the Met Gala…yikes.” Rodrigo arrived at the event in a black lace, skin-tight suit with a black, poofy, off the shoulder, feather top designed by Yves Saint Laurent. As always, there will be mixed feelings about what celebrities choose to wear to events such as the Met Gala. Keri Gerkin (22) said, “I thought Ella Emhoff’s look was simple yet so conceptual. Just all around a really cool look.” Emhoff’s look was a red sheer, skin-tight long sleeve that outlined her figure, with red oversized latex pants.

Gerkin and Wray both appreciated the looks celebrities had to offer, but consumer science teacher, Amy Irwin chose to focus on the theme rather than the attire. Irwin said, “When I think about the theme, it’s a way for us to come together as a nation, and if you think about a patchwork quilt, all the pieces are different but they fit together, and I think that’s a direction our nation needs to go in with respecting and loving each other and respecting and loving our differences but still being unique to yourself.” This year’s Met Gala was certainly one to remember, especially since the 2020 fundraiser was canceled due to Covid. Like previous years, those spectating the Met Gala will view it in multiple ways, which aligns very well with this year’s theme.