New Star Wars show releases on Disney Plus

The first episode of the long awaited show called The Bad Batch premieres this week


Hunter Tomlinson, Staff Reporter

This year has been huge for Star Wars and the release of the show called The Bad Batch has helped the excitement grow for the franchise. This show branches off of one of the most popular works Star Wars has put out called “Clones Wars,” which had its seventh and finale season last year. 


The first episode of The Bad Batch was released on Tuesday, May 4, which is Star Wars day. The episode was named “Aftermath” and fits because of its relationship with Clone Wars. This is because the new show falls right after the events of Clone Wars. The run time of an hour and 14 minutes of this episode surprised the fans.


Many characters from other Star Wars content showed up in this episode and more are planned to appear throughout the series. This is one of the main reasons Star Wars fans are so excited to watch this new show. 


Karson Chadwick (22) said, “I loved the first episode. It’s exactly what we’ve been missing in Star Wars. This episode brought many questions that we need answers to, which is part of why I like it so much. I’m really excited for the rest of these episodes to release.” Like all shows, the first episode had many questions fans immediately wanted answers to. This anticipation is one of the reasons why TV shows are so popular.


Bryce Smith (22) said, “I thought The Bad Batch was beautifully made. It had great animation and an incredible storyline. Dave Filoni really out did himself with all of the little details that were added into the episode. I personally believe that it was a great addition to Disney Plus and quite possibly the only reason why I still have Disney Plus.” The way this new show told its story made it so popular. Dave Filoni created the popular show Clone Wars, which is the most popular Star Wars show. Filoni coming back to create this show made fans ecstatic for what’s to come.

The first episode of The Bad Batch has seen great support from fans, and they are excited for the rest of the series to unfold. All in all, this show is a great addition for the story of Star Wars.