Remembering Miguel Lopez

Remembering Miguel Lopez

Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

    Miguel Lopez is remembered by his contagious smile and his joyful spirit. He made everyone around him better as he brought life to every room he walked in. 

   Throughout the Eaton and Kersey community, Miguel’s life is honored and cherished. On March 25, 2021, Miguel Lopez passed away due to a tragic car accident. His memorial service was held on Friday, April 2, where his family and friends gathered to celebrate his life. Miguel graduated from Eaton High School in May 2020.

After graduation, he began working for TLM constructors. Weeks before his passing, Miguel received a big promotion that was well deserved and overdue. He was very excited to be given that opportunity to excel. 

   Miguel was a son, brother, and a friend to many. He is survived by his sister Mailen Lopez, brother Martin Lopez, and mother Teresa Maldonado. Miguel often talked about spoiling his mom with an expensive birthday or Christmas gift because he was so appreciative of how she raised him. Miguel walked alongside his sister, Mailen, in creating childhood memories and being her best friend. Mailen Lopez said, “Miguel’s most memorable attributes were his confidence, determination, and mischief. Miguel worked, partied, and loved hard. He would have done anything for the people he loved.” Miguel dedicated himself to being a loyal son, a good big brother, and to protecting his older sister.

     Miguel, better known by his friends as Mike, is remembered as the life of the party. He wanted everyone around him to have as much fun as he was. Miguel’s best friend, Brody Mills, shares fond memories of their friendship. Mills said, “Mike left a huge impact on mine and my family’s life. From the moment we met we became friends, then best friends, and soon enough brothers. He made his way into my family, and we spent three meals a day together. Mike’s outlook on life really made me understand and appreciate the value of every second of every day.”

  In his senior year, when asked about the legacy he’d like to leave behind, Miguel said, “I hope to leave a legacy of never taking anything for granted in life. Because everything in your life can change within minutes.” He made sure to represent that in his actions. Miguel’s impact is evident through the lives he touched. His legacy will continue to help others live their life to the fullest.  Miguel always carried a smile on his face in every circumstance, inspiring his loved ones to do the same.