Summer Vacations


As summer is approaching, Eaton High School students are preparing for the hot months by planning family vacations. With all of the stresses of school, extracurricular activities, or maybe just life itself, a break is most definitely needed. But, with all the relaxation that is bound to be had throughout the summer, preparation is key for a five star experience. Sydney Leffler (21) is planning on going to Mexico this summer with her family and she said her key to a prime vacation is “Buying a ton of swimsuits, without a doubt, also preparing for the conditions that we will be going into so I always pack a bunch of sunscreen.” As the turquoise waters of Mexico await Leffler, she said, “I am super excited. I love getting to travel with my family especially since I am a senior I want to make this trip one to remember and do a bunch of fun things.” Lots of amazing memories are bound to be made on summer vacations and Leffler said, “My all time favorite thing to do when I am on vacation is to get ready for dinner after being at the beach all day, the feeling gives me great vibes and I love it.” Leffler plans on visiting Mexico for a total of two weeks with her aunt, uncle, and cousins.  

Without a doubt the ideal summer vacation would include a beach, some flip flops, and sunglasses. But, Walker Martin (23) has a different summer plan. He said, “Because I travel a lot for baseball, my summer vacation will include going down south to states like Georgia and Alabama.” Martin loves the culture that the southern states have and he said, “I love the food, I am honestly mostly excited for the food.” Items like steamed crawfish and some well-cooked brisket makes Martin feel like he is in heaven. Martin said, “If I could only bring one accessory on my trip I would bring my hat, I hate getting sunburnt, so my hat protects me from that.” Martin plans on moving throughout the southern states the entire month of June for baseball and to visit college campuses. From the southern parts of the Peach state to a whole other beautiful country, summer seems to be packed full of fun journeys for the Eaton Red students this 2021 summer.