DC or Marvel? What feel and audience do they aim towards in their films?

These two massive superhero franchises have been on top of the game for years now, but are very different film-wise.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been very popular in the last decade. Especially after their popular releases such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Captain America: Civil War. All of the Marvel released movies have their fair share of serious moments and have a number of humorous scenes. Ever since Disney bought Marvel Studios, the films have been aimed towards younger viewers, but are still enjoyed by all ages. Disney has also made the franchise more popular because of Disney’s reputation.


A massive Marvel fan, Gabe Holguin (22) said, “I enjoy the MCU movies because of how they are shot, which is usually a lighter and happier tone, while DC uses a yellow film that makes the film feel dark. Personally, I like how the MCU movies are shot better. Ever since I watched Iron Man 3, It has sparked my love for all of the movies and comics because of the evolution of the characters and the story.” The MCU seems to appreciate all of their characters they implement into their universe. The films use a cheerful but intense way of filming, which appeals to a number of viewers.


The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) has also been a very popular outlet for superhero movies for a short while now. Some of their popular releases include Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, and The Dark Knight. These movies are iconic for their unique and infamous villains, such as, Joker and Darkseid, which are some of the most meticulous and evil villains seen in the DCEU. The tone of these movies is usually dark and sad but like most movies, have those laughing moments, which means these movies are enjoyed by older and more mature audiences.


A fan of the DC, Karson Chadwick (22) said, “DC focuses on making gods human and Marvel focuses on making humans gods. The characters are more intriguing and relatable to me, and DC has more mature material.” The DCEU seems to humanize their more powerful characters, which can be very relatable for viewers. 


In the end, these two massive superhero franchises appeal to different types of viewers but still focus on the superhero theme. The MCU movies are for all ages but seem to aim towards younger audiences. They are action-packed movies with a lot of funny moments and characters. The DCEU movies are for older audiences and seem to aim towards older and more mature audiences. These movies are dramatic, serious, sad, and action scenes mixed in them all.