Fashion Forward

How Eaton’s students bundle up


Jaymie Woody (21)

Charlotte Reynolds, Managing Editor

Winter has arrived, and the students of Eaton High School have prepared by bundling up and layering. This year, trends like sherpa jackets, cheetah print, and chunky combat boots are in full swing. Miranda Crisp (21) said, “My closet staples this winter are my sherpa Wrangler jacket and my Doc Martens. My jacket keeps me warm, I can wear it both in the barn and in public. I can also wear really fuzzy socks underneath my docs without anyone knowing”.

Miranda Crisp (21)

Self expression through fashion is liberating. It represents your truest self without having to speak at all. “I dress nice for myself, nobody else. It helps me feel confident throughout the day. I feel complete and in a good mood when I present myself the way I’d like to,” said Josie Roselle (22). In the winter, an outfit has a lot of components that make it unique. Long sleeves, coats, jackets, turtlenecks, sweaters, and jewelry can all be layered to create a dynamic look.

“Self expression is extremely important because it helps me feel like my authentic self. It helps people get creative and try new things which is so fun!” said Sarah-Cate Ogden (21). Fashion is an art form that can apply to everyday life. Shelby Rusch (22) said “My favorite place to shop is the boutique I work at called Apricot Lane. It just opened in Loveland and they have so many cute clothes. A lot of my clothing inspiration comes from there.”

Shelby Rusch (22)

By thrifting and and buying from small businesses, you can both support a business and purchase clothing that is unique. Crisp said, “I love to shop at local boutiques and online small businesses because they have the cutest western clothes and authentic jewelry. I believe in supporting local artists and businesses before buying from large chain stores.” Cheetah print has been all the rage this year, along with puff sleeves and women’s suits.

The styles are limitless and new trends can always be created. Ogden said, “I would describe my style as hippie or boho with a touch of light academia”. Fashion categories such as light and dark academia, western, hipster, chic, and “Instagram baddie” have gained popularity with the success of Tik Tok. More than one style being represented in the media allows individuals to feel comfortable expressing themselves. Especially in a small town, fashion is a way to be bold about what you value and who you are.