Meme Review #1 October 2020

Explanation of the most popular memes of October 2020

Logan Gullett, Staff Reporter

Memes are an important part of today’s society. Memes communicate the trends and fads of society into funny jokes across many different types of media. Some of them are quite simple (maybe even too simple), and some of them are quite complex and difficult to comprehend. It sometimes takes a lot of IQ and logic to understand memes, but, luckily, there are people who deeply understand the concepts of today’s memes.

Among us memes 8/10 – The game that has arguably single-handedly turned 2020 around has produced some top tier memes. Although the game came out in 2018, it has become very popular; so much so that it’s the most downloaded free game on the Apple app store. The game consists of randomly selected crew-mates and imposters, and the imposters try to kill the crew-mates before they complete all of the tasks or find out who the imposter is. The game’s inside jokes and lingo, such as “sus,” make it a breeding ground for tons of hilarious memes.

I like ya cut g memes 6/10 – It’s hard to go one day without hearing a really funny high schooler scream “I like ya cut, g” and then proceed to slap the back of a kid’s neck. This meme originated from a video of a guy slapping the top of a kid’s head after he got a haircut. As he is slapping the kid, he yells “I like ya cut, g!” That statement could be quite confusing for someone to understand, so let’s break it down. The phrase can be translated into “I like your haircut, friend!” You can hear kids saying this meme to their friend who got a fresh haircut, or even to a random person who didn’t get a haircut. The beautiful thing about memes is that they can be super random without raising suspicion.

Miller Grove meme 5/10 – The Miller Grove meme has been spreading very fast throughout Instagram and TikTok. The meme comes from a picture of a kid reading a book at a made-up school called “Miller Grove.” The person who took the picture is mocking the kid for reading a book as if reading a book was something out of the ordinary at Miller Grove. Although reading a book is perfectly normal, the point of the meme is to make light of people doing normal tasks. For example, someone might make fun of another kid for writing their essay by saying something like, “A kid writing their essay? Ahh, only at Miller Grove!” Sadly, this meme has been overused by too many people, so it is starting to turn very unfunny and annoying. This meme is quite difficult to get the grasp of, and it mostly exists on social media platforms, but the only way to understand it is to keep looking at Miller Grove memes.

Doggo meme 8/10- The origins of the “doggo” meme trace all the way back to the stone age of memes in the early 2010’s, but it has recently been making a comeback. The punchlines of these memes are usually quite ironic or a misspelled joke. To the blind eye, they may not seem that funny. In order to understand this kind of simple ironic humor, the human brain must go through countless amounts of memes and life experiences. In order to understand it, the brain should be so smart that it dumbs itself down to relate to the meme. There are so many doggo memes on the internet that it is impossible to explain them all. These memes are meant to be relatable, and they will only be funny if taken with a grain of salt.

That concludes this month’s meme review, and remember to keep looking at memes! Not only do they provide a good laugh, but they also provide a deep intellectual insight on the trends of society.