Apple releases new update

Apple comes out with IOS 14. There are so many new features.


Kaitlynn Dean (24) home screen

Amanda Davis, Staff Reporter

Apple has made IOS 14 now available. There are so many people that like this update and some people that are not too happy with it. The IOS 14 update allows everyone to edit your home screens and make them your own. It allows people to face time people and watch videos while on other apps, change the sound the phone makes when you plug it into a charger, and change the app logos to anything they want. 

There are so many different home screen themes everyone can make. Some people have pictures of their friends and family, and a lot of people just use photos from the internet and Pinterest to set their own themes. A lot of people have had this update before it was fully released and so many more got it when it was fully released about a month ago. Freshman Kaitlynn Dean (24), said “What I like about it is that I can have it my own way, and customize it the way I like it. My theme is just the people I love and very pretty I guess.” 

Quite a bit of people really enjoy this update, Brandi Griffin (24) said “I love how I can make my home screen my own, I just dislike that it takes up data.” Making the home screen the way they want, and put anything they want on it. It may take so much time but it can be so worth it.