Life through the lens

A trend for photography has spiked, is this the new trend?


Rylee Martin, Staff Reporter

The students of Eaton High School are getting one with their creative side as the 2020-2021 school year commences. Photography Instagram pages have been a huge trend throughout the school as students are trying to capture beautiful moments of their peers. 

Megan St. Jean (22) is a student athlete that is also creating a path in her photography business. St. Jean said “I wanted to show my pictures that I took of my friends so that other people could see and enjoy them on my Instagram page.”  Taking and editing photos is no easy task and it takes pure dedication to fully commit to the art of photography. St. Jean said, “My favorite part about taking photos is getting the clients reaction after the pictures are complete and sent to them, it really does put a smile on my face.” The big thing with promoting an account on Instagram is reeling people into your page and getting people to want to dig deeper into what the page is offering. St Jean said, “Something that has really helped promote my Instagram account is getting people to tag me in stories, posts, and shares. This has really helped the growth of my page even though it’s been a short amount of time.” Photographers have a wide array of media that they can choose to shoot. For example people, plants, animals, and buildings. St Jean said, “By far my favorite media to capture images of are people. I love getting to interact with the things that I am working with, also, I love getting to pose people in funky ways to get a unique image and you can’t do that with other types of media.” Photography is a very unique and fairly simple way to express artistic ideas. St Jean said, “Photography is a great hobby for anyone that wants to try something new, that’s how I got interested in photography in the first place. So I really encourage people to give it a try if they are looking for something new.” 

As the season slowly changes, photography will become more prominent and exciting as well as the images students might produce as the trend for photography has spiked.