Horan’s “Heartbreak Weather” fills musical void

Irish artist Niall Horan’s sophomore album was released March 13, in the midst of our current global health crisis. This unfortunate timing made it hard for Heartbreak Weather to get the promotion it deserves.

Horan is often in the shadow of his previous One Direction fame and his critically acclaimed bandmate Harry Styles.

Styles released his self-titled album months before Horan’s folk-pop album Flicker, making it hard for Horan to establish his place in the solo music industry. Heartbreak Weather includes 14 tracks that surpass the need for the skip button.

Horan describes it as a “concept album” with songs told from different perspectives. Horan’s style closely resembles that of Ed Sheeran and Lewis Capaldi complete with romantic ballads and upbeat catchy tunes. The album’s leading track, “Heartbreak Weather” introduces a satisfying and happy melody similar to “New Angel”, “Nice To Meet Ya”, and “Cross Your Mind”.

The album plays with possibly the worst conversation starter; the weather, but in a clever way that ironically reiterates the theme. If you have yet to listen to Heartbreak Weather, I’d highly recommend it. With a supportive management team, dedicated fans, and buzz of an upcoming One Direction reunion, Horan can reach his desired solo success.