Finding happiness in the little things… even at work


Kassidy Hemby, Staff Reporter

Happiness is everywhere. It comes in many forms and can be shown in many ways. COVID-19 is affecting everyone around the world. At times like these happiness is key. 

Happiness is surrounding you. It is at work, in your home, with friends and family, on delicious food, and is even in your future. Because COVID-19 is decreasing employment and education systems, people are panicking. 

Being an employee, in a workforce that is required to stay open, I have witnessed multiple forms of happiness from customers. With the breakout of corona, it is hard to find happiness through the stress. Customers have made my day multiple times through acts of kindness. 

Their first acts of kindness were through tips. It started with three or five dollars, that was before COVID-19. Now they tip workers ten to twenty dollars. They leave sticky notes on the money saying sweet messages like, “Stay safe.” or, “Thank you for all that you do!” 

Little things like that make people smile. In the beginning of January, when the coronavirus became more pandemic, one customer made all the employees masks, she wanted us to stay safe. The fact that customers, or just people in general, will go to extra lengths to keep others safe, that is heartwarming. 

From delicious homemade goodies to simple medical masks the gift of happiness keeps on giving. During hard times is when people need to come together, whether you are a customer, employee, boss, or student. Finding happiness in the little things is amazing. Stay kind and be happy!