Vanessa Gomez heads to state

Gomez is granted new experiences in Denver at Poetry Out Loud state

Vanessa Gomez heads to state

Abigail Vondy, Managing Editor

Imagine standing on a stage, ready to burst with passion as the lines of a poem ready themselves to be recited. The very lines of a poem that go up against the best in the state. Vanessa Gomez (20) knows this feeling well.

After placing first at the Poetry Out Loud competition in Eaton, Gomez memorized two poems and headed to state on March 3 with English teachers Deirdre White and Kylie Griffin. With the words of “April Love” by Ernest Dowson, “The Consent” by Howard Nemerov, and “One Hundred Love Sonnets: XVII” by Pablo Neruda in the back of her mind, Gomez recited her heart out.

Competing against 15 other students at the Lakewood Cultural Center in Denver Colorado, Gomez recites her poems beautifully. Griffin said, “Vanessa killed it, she did so well. It seemed so natural; as if you were speaking with her. One of her poems was a love poem and it genuinely felt as if she was speaking to the person she loved. She really embodied the poem.”

Gomez was unable to make it to the third round with the top five competitors, but she was happy with the experience and grateful for the opportunity. “It was pretty amazing. I loved the experience of meeting new people and watching them recite the poems,” she said.