Valentine’s Day Scramble


Addie Burke, Staff Reporter

Valentine’s day is a special day full of love. Many girls go into a panic and fret that they won’t find a date in time, and they won’t be a part of the lovey dovey cliches that are evoked in movies. But everyone is going to be getting their other half flowers and chocolate. To show how much love and devotion you have for this relationship, maybe try doing something more out of the box and not follow everyone else like a sheep. 

  1. If you are already dating, maybe take them on a replication of your first date together. Even if it was a cheap meal or going to the movies, I can promise you that if you do what you did on your first date, she will think it’s the cutest thing ever (especially since you remembered).
  2. Lots of individuals say they are going to go do something, but they usually don’t follow through with their plan. Couples do the same thing. Sometimes couples have commitment issues, not with the relationship itself, but with the date ideas they talk about. Valentine’s day would be the perfect opportunity to go on a date that you have mentioned, but were never planned out. 
  3. It is a misconception that dates on Valentine’s day have to be at night. That only gives you a few hours together when there are 24 full hours that are dedicated to love. Take advantage of that, spend the whole day together and do a collaboration of things together. These things don’t even have to seem fun at the start, but if you guys are a truly good match, then it shouldn’t matter what you’re doing, anything you do together will be a blast.