Love for Little Big Tow Rises with new Album


Addie Burke, Staff Reporter

Four big voices, two male and two female vocalists create one amazing sound that all started in 1998. Karen Fairchild and Kimberly Schlapman have been singing together since their college days and the two male vocalists, Phillip Sweet and Jimi Westbrook, were the last additions to the band. Little Big Town grew even more as their newest album, Nightfall was released with Capital Nashville record label, on January 17. The groups first breakthrough was in 2005 with the album The Road to Here. Ever since those first few songs hit the top charts, the band has been determined to continue its journey in country music. They have released several albums and many more songs within the 15 years they have been a well-known country band. The album contains 13 songs that have a wide variety of sounds amongst them. While the songs follow the trend of most country music, singing about drinking and relationships, the album has so much diversity, that you will be entranced by the lyrics. You will catch yourself truly listening to the music that is playing, not just as a background noise, but to relate the words to your life and connect to your feelings. You can go from listening to a slow love song or heartbreak song to an upbeat and trumpety song about alcohol. There is one single on the album, “Over Drinking,” that is a song about the aftermath of a heartbreak, when the girl is realizing that she shouldn’t be crying and drinking over a man any longer. The combination of the lyrics with a twist of heart-felt, almost-country with a soul-like music behind it, portray a heartbroken girl whose wailing voice will reel you in, making you feel heartbroken yourself. “Next to You” is more in Little Big Town’s comfort zone than some of the other songs on the album, but what makes this song stand out is the old, Johnny Cash kind of vibe that it gives off to the audience. The long, drawn out lyrics, the tambourine and the drums that are played with a light strum of the guitar makes you feel very calm and at ease when listening to the song. Fans can only hope that this is the beginning of the musical diversity the Little Big Town has to offer.