Joker Movie Review


Gabriel Holguin Lopez, Staff Reporter

The movie that, destroys the mind. The Joker, directed by Todd Philips, came out on October 4 and is a mental trip into pure insanity. The movie centers around Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian/clown who is having trouble living in a city ruled by the rich and grows sick of watching the lower class suffer as he deals with his insanity and poor health.

With a budget of $55 million, the movie has one of the best adaptations based on a comic book character.  The cinematography and lighting and contrast would make any Instagrammer wish they lived in that world.

The Actor Joaquin Phoenix does an impressive job playing the Joker who is constantly portrayed so differently in his own distinct way with his dance and his iconic awkward moments that set him apart with some strong quotes. You aren’t supposed to feel compassion for this psychotic man, but the movie makes you feel so much by showing his very human struggles throughout the progression of the character in the movie.

Rated R for very, very rough language, and brutal violence. The negative reviews say they had a problem with the plot and the character’s  comic book equivalence(saying he character doesn’t match the comic book version). The Aurora Theater refused to play the movie due to its similarity to the shooting that had happened during the 2012  midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

The soundtrack is perfectly placed with its 1960s vibe and setting and at its awkward moments eerily violin being played so it gave chills. The truth is: this isn’t the joker who fought Batman, This is truly just a story of one man’s bad life.