Reds dominate first home game

Eaton executes in every aspect of the game


The Reds break through the banner as they run onto the field for their home game against D'Evelyn.

Cole Schumacher, Sports Editor

The Eaton Reds’ football team was able to capitalize on each aspect of the game as they grab a 37-9 win over the D’Evelyn Jaguars.

The Reds’ hopped on the Jaguars when a bad snap occurred in the first quarter, resulting in a safety for D’Evelyn and two points for Eaton. Later on in the first quarter, running back, Gage Butler (21), caught a flare route thrown by quarterback, Scott Grable (21), for a 75 yard touchdown to put the Reds up 9-0 early in the game.

As the game went on, the Reds kept coming as Ethan Florez (22) was able to get himself an interception and take it back to the house for a touchdown early in the second quarter. Eaton increased their lead to 16-0, then Jaguars’ wide receiver Thomas Lowry (20) caught a tipped pass for a touchdown, making the score 16-6 mid way through the second quarter.

The Reds’ proceeded to score one more touchdown on a 99 yard kick return taken back to the end zone by Salvador Rojas (21) making the score 23-9 going into the half. Throughout the second half the Reds’ defense stayed strong and held the Jaguars to 9 while the offense tacked on two more touchdowns in a great team win.

After the win, Coach Grable said, “We got a couple big plays which we need, a lot of things went well for us tonight, overall we’re happy, it was a good win.” Their main focus after this game is “just to get better every week because we’re far from perfect and we have a lot to improve on but we can do it,” said Garrett Bean (20).

The Eaton Reds’ offense couldn’t get it done in a 7-0 loss to the Sterling Tigers last week. As a team they had a total of 43 passing yards and 47 rushing yards on three receptions and 15 carries. The Reds gave the ball up, having two interceptions and three fumbles throughout the game.

On defense they had a total of 86 tackles along with one fumble caused and recovered. The key defensive players included Dakota Powell (20), Juan Maravilla (21), and Morgan Tribbett (23).  Powell was in on 14 tackles, Maravilla on 11, and Tribbett on 11. The one touchdown of the game came from Sterling’s Brock Shella (20) in the fourth quarter.

Next week the Reds play a big game against their biggest rival, the Platte Valley Broncos, in an away game Saturday, September 21. With preparing for this game coach Grable said, “We know what they’re going to do, but we just gotta do what we gotta do, we’ll beat ourselves long before anyone else.”