Troubadours to D.C.

EHS choir honors the fallen


Mikayla Schwartz, Feature editor

Having been chosen to represent the state of Colorado, the EHS Troubadours took the stage one last time in Washington DC to honor the fallen. They sang at the 75th annual World War II memorial on Friday, May 10. Evan Messmer said, “It was amazing to be a part of such rich history and to see all of the little details. The most impactful memorial was Arlington National Cemetery because we got to see how many people gave their lives.”

Throughout the four days they were there, the choir visited many different memorials and museums. The Troubadours visited the Korean War Memorial and the Martin Luther King Jr memorial cite. They sang at the Arlington National Cemetery, and they also got to sing the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial.  

Andrea Pennington (19) said she was so happy she got to spend her last year in the Troubadours traveling to Washington DC. “My favorite memory was singing at the the memorial site because there were many random people who would come by and stop and cheer for us. It was amazing to honor our nation in that way,” Pennington said.